The Demetz Art Studio gives you the possibility to choose from 5 different materials. We are the only manufacturer offering this wide range of mediums.


Wood Sculptures

This is the medium we have been working with for over 130 years, following the tradition of our ancestors. Woodcarvings are valuable for their timeless beauty, becoming more precious with age.



The great Michelangelo chose marble to carve his most famous works of art. We use only the finest marble quality like the white Carrara Bianco puro to create all kinds of artistic works.



The art of mosaic lived its greatest splendour during the IV and VIII century, but still today there is a great interest in this art. Mosaics produce wonderful visual effects, and one of the great advantages is that a mosaic can be installed outdoor since it withstands the elements.



Fiberglass is especially indicated for outdoor use. We produce fiberglass statues of an outstanding quality and at the same time at a very competitive price.

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Choose the perfect material for your case



Each work is a unique piece of art.

Each Demetz Art Studio creation work is a unique workpiece of art. We use only the finest artistic oil colors to paint our statues and our talented painters skillfully mix their pigments as they paint each piece to create the shades of colors at the moment by mixing different pigments. This technique allows us for an endless color spectrum and makes every piece unique.