Sales and Services

The Demetz Art Studio has been collaborating with different congregations and religious institutions for many decades. That way it achieved a lot of experience, profound knowledge, and solid professionalism in that field. When you purchase one of Demetz’ artworks you will have invested in an object that will last for a long time. You may see it with your own eyes, as you can find and admire Demetz statues which are over a hundred years old, all around the world. This proves the high quality of the Demetz products.



The Demetz Art Studio’s headquarters and showrooms are located in Ortisei, a small village nestled in the Dolomites, which is a famous mountain range in the Northern part of Italy, right in the heart of the Alps. You will find them in a century old building in the center of Ortisei, right in front of the St. Ulrich’s Church (built in 1729)


Where to buy

Personal contact is very important to us. It is the best way to understand the customer’s needs and requests. For this reason, the Demetz Art Studio has built a worldwide network of specialized dealers over the years.



Depending on the size and fragility of the artwork, we use specialized packing materials, such as bubble wrap, foam, or wooden crates, to ensure that the artwork is fully protected. Whether we're shipping a valuable sculpture or a delicate marble statue, there are several key considerations which we keep in mind to ensure that your artwork arrives safely.


Become a dealer

We only sell through specialized religious goods stores all over the world. Therefore, you will first have to qualify to become part of our worldwide network of authorized dealers. We are not interested in one-time sales. Whereas, we are always looking for long-term business relations, in any part of the world, which can yield a certain business volume. Please contact us  if you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer.

Personal contact is very important to us. This is the best way to understand your needs and requests. For this reason, we have built through the years a solid network of specialized dealers worldwide. They can give you professional advice and personally assist you. If you wish to find the authorized dealer closer to you, please feel free to contact us.