Whatever your requirements are: statues for indoor or outdoor display, sanctuary appointments, full round statues or reliefs, we can supply the suitable material for your artwork and environment. The Demetz Art Studio gives you the opportunity to choose from 5 different materials. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of religious art offering this broad selection. 

More about materials: Wood, Marble, Bronze, Fiberglass and Mosaic.

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Our rich collection of over 10,000 artworks is the result of five generations of Demetz. It is the outcome of the collaboration between our artists & our clients from all over the world. The items you may choose from our catalogs are refinished by hand and crafted especially for you, as we work on order only. Thus, you will receive a one of a kind piece of art, created exclusively for you.



To create statues is our passion. The trademark “Demetz Art Studio” stands for the best, the world leader in the creation of large sculptures. You can choose from a vast selection of statues, from small to very large. In our line you will find many figures of Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, of Our Lady, different Nativity sets, and a great number of Saints. All in a modern Italian style, with straight lines and beautiful faces. Also, if you have special wishes or are devoted to a particular Saint we don’t carry in our standard line, please contact us.


Custom works

The Demetz Art Studio is renowned worldwide for the realization of outstanding custom works. Custom works can be carved in linden wood, cast in statuary bronze, sculptured in white Carrara marble, or made in Venetian mosaic. Our studio has the most advanced technical equipment, spacious workshops, experienced and talented artists to make your ideas come true. We can realize great and unique projects on request.



Our expertise extends to reproducing exquisite replicas of cherished antiques in wood or other media.


Third party works

Our studio also manufactures exclusive works for renowned artists, different companies, or religious orders. These masterpieces are created solely for the copyright holder.



The Demetz Art Studio has also the ability to restore works of art. We do not only restore pieces that were originally made by our studio but even statues made by unknown artists. If you have a statue that needs to be repaired, restored, refinished, or simply needs a touch up, we can do it. No damage is beyond our restoration skills. No job is too large or too small.

Personal contact is very important to us. It is essential for the making of our high-end products. To speak with the customer in person is the best way to understand his needs and requests. For this reason, we have built a solid, global network of specialized dealers over the years. They can give you professional advice and personally assist you. If you wish to find the authorized dealer who is geographically closest to you, please feel free to contact us.