The Demetz Art Studio is one of the worldwide leading studios that manufactures ecclesiastical art and continues the old tradition of wood carving in Val Gardena. Its roots extend deep into the local history of wood carving. It is a family business founded back in 1872 and got passed on from one generation to the next. During the last decades it has reached worldwide fame for its modern religious sculptures as well as its traditional artworks.

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run by the 5th generation of Demetz. Today, the Demetz Art Studio is one of the worldwide leaders manufacturing ecclesiastical art and continuing the old tradition.

The CEO Reto Demetz and his staff are facing the new challenges of globalization and the internet. Communication has become so fast and quick online sales endanger the importance of a direct sales talk. A high-quality product like a Demetz Art Studio’s piece of art needs information and time, it is not made for a quick sale.

With modern interpretations as well as the vast collection of traditional depictions of “arte sacra” (religious art) the Demetz Art Studio has gained international fame.



The art of wood carving has been passed on from father to son for many generations and it still is the main industry in Val Gardena besides tourism. Not too long ago a generational change has occurred in the Demetz Art Studio, too. Reto Demetz took over the family business from his father  Ivo Demetz (1929-2021) and his mother Brigitte Riffeser (1942-2017). Her family ran ANRI, the world’s number 1 wood carving company during and after World War II till into the 80s. In those days ANRI has been the largest employer in Val Gardena. But at the same time, the most copied wood carving company as well.



The Demetz Art Studio is located in Ortisei, a small village in Val Gardena, nestled in the Dolomites, which is a famous mountain range in the Northern part of Italy, in the heart of the Alps. In this region the tradition of wood carving dates back to the 16th century, when the Trebinger and Vinatzer families along with a certain Johann Demetz started wood carving in Val Gardena. These families and many more made their living as farmers during the summer and by carving in the cold and snowy winter months. Working out of their homes, they first started with smaller carvings of saints, little reliefs, wooden toys and picture frames. Already in the 18th century the beautiful wood carvings of Val Gardena were much appreciated and sold all over Europe with the help of travelling merchants.



Over time, our studio has collaborated with various artists and liturgical designers from all over the world. Professionals specialized in designing and planning chapels, churches, cemeteries, monuments for Catholic hospitals and schools, and other sacred spaces. Their work often involves a deep understanding of religious traditions, aesthetics, and the functional needs of a worship community.



At Demetz Art Studio, we stand behind the excellence of our products. Every item is crafted with precision and tested for durability, ensuring you receive only the best. Your satisfaction is our promise.

Personal contact is very important to us. This is the best way to understand your needs and requests. For this reason, we have built through the years a solid network of specialized dealers worldwide. They can give you professional advice and personally assist you. If you wish to find the authorized dealer closer to you, please feel free to contact us.